About Us

Our Story

I have been in the veterinary industry for the past 20 years. During this time, I have seen clients struggle with unexpected veterinary bills; especially seniors that rely on social security or their little pensions for their sole income. Time and time again I saw the pain and anguish on their face having to make an impossible decision between treating their pet and paying their own personal expenses. These pets are part of their families, sometimes their only family.  

In my time working at veterinary hospitals I always looked for an organization that would help them. There are great organizations that will help pet parents but not one specifically for seniors.  So, after some time I decided to do something about it and started Grandpaws Foundation.

Grandpaws Foundation was created solely to help low income seniors obtain pet food for their pets and help them with veterinary services. Currently we are donating pet food weekly to a few local Meals on Wheels program, we have been able to host vaccine clinics, and we are able to help them with monetary grants to assist them with veterinary care. I want this organization to grow and help as many seniors as we possibly can. With your contribution I will be able to help more seniors and hopefully end this struggle for them once and for all. 


Thank you for your consideration,


Founder/ President